About me

I’m Nerea, a craftswoman passionate about tiny flowers.

My specialty is to create minimalist and elegant jewelry, always giving prominence to nature.

The beauty of the simple is what characterizes my work.

Flowers have become for me a great amulet. By observing them I have learned a lot from them and they always remind me that the flower is the fruit of care, of pampering, of knowing our needs, that nothing is permanent and that change is necessary for our growth. I could tell you much more, but I also like each person to give it its symbolism.

Without being aware of it, I have created pieces in which I see myself reflected and I like to know that I am not the only one who sees myself in them.

I love to create jewelry that you can wear on a daily basis and that gives you that elegant touch in everyday life, but at the same time is the ideal complement for a celebration that enhances sweetness and beauty.

The complete elaboration of each jewel is done in my workshop. The drying process of the flower can take several weeks. Pressing and experimenting with each flower are key phases in order to turn them into jewelry.

The origins of the flowers make the difference of my brand since I collect a very small quantity out of respect for nature, producing limited editions of each jewel. The variety of flowers changes according to the season of the year. I also do my bit for local businesses such as florists in town, as well as all the stationery I use in the packaging, so you are also part of this support for the small market.

Finally, I have a small garden where I tend the seedlings and pick the flowers once they are fading. This process is the one that excites me the most because I see the plant processes and learn a lot from them.